RS Case Study

The Brief:

Create 6 professional, photorealistic 3D models for 6 different products Ridge Sports have to offer- these 3D Models must have configurability capabilities such as showcasing different styles, colours, personal logos and personal team player numbers.

The 3D Models:

We had our team of skilled 3D modellers create models based on Ridge Sports’ reference images on Blender, showing the features and ‘styles’ each product should have. For example compression leggings.

We went through an iterative improvement process- communicating with Ridge Sports at each step for constant feedback and direction for adjustments

The Software:

We built RS ProdConf (RidgeSport Product Configurator) on top of our pre-existing Web 3D Graphics Engine and our Cloud Service Programming Framework, part of our Oakhouse WISDOM project.

As seen on their website (and image below) we have created various customisable options such as the style, colour of different parts, and even allowing the user to add their own logo designs all of which was mentioned in the brief.

End Result:

This is how our Online Product Configurator Service was conceived. With Ridge Sports unique specification we have to create a more advanced version of our now current OPCS to fit Ridge Sports’ needs but with this specification, we have made something that can be used for many other products, not just sportswear.

We now have OPCS, we can provide bespoke solutions from a higher starting point, bringing higher quality Configurators to meet customer requirements with competitive costs and shorter delivery time.

The RS ProdConf itself is accessible from